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Owner: Bill & Frieda Barber
Designer: Frankenstein Trike
Class: Trike
Fabrication: Chariot of Fire Customs
Year/ Make: 2003 Electriglide


Let the Rides Begin!! By: Jim Childers

As we are in a new riding season I hope we did the normal things, check tire pressure, look at the condition of the tires, check the oil, make sure all the lights work, or taking it to a qualified mechanic to have a spring check up done on our rides.

The one thing that most of us over look which is probably the most important for our own safety and others is, to do a tune up on our riding skills.  Even as little as one month out of the saddle your skills can lessen and you may not be as sharp as you once were. This spring has been cold and wet. It may seem silly but a trip to a parking lot to do basic maneuvers Continue Reading →