2009 | Disabled Athlete Sports Association (DASA)

I worked for a short time with Kelly Behlmann the founder and Executive Director of DASA. This connection is what prompted me to call and see if they would be our recipient for our fundraiser. I almost picked a different fundraiser this year but was pulled to DASA. I think God had a hand in it because not only was Kelly thrilled to accept our donation, but DASA was holding an Olympic event that year and was in need of extra funds. It worked out beautifully. Jeez Laweez provided the music that year. This was year five of our annual show and by now I had a set group of organizations that I can count on every year to come out and support us. One gentleman in particular, Dennis with Broken Chains Chapter CMA helps us out every year to clean up the lot the day before the show. What a blessing! It always comes down to the wire and just when I think “Oh my gosh, we still need to clean the lot!” Dennis shows up with other members and they get to work without asking for anything. As a matter of fact, I come out ahead with, not only a clean lot, but with prayers for a successful day to boot!


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