Frankenstein Has Arrived by: Andrea File

Chariots of Fire Customs LLC is now a Frankenstein Dealer and Warranty Center

1st Frankenstein 004

Back in March we had a gentleman purchase a consignment bike from our showroom floor.  Shortly after, he returned with a request.  He wanted to convert his two wheeled, 2003 Electra Glide into a trike to make it easier for him to handle. 

Jan knew of a company that made and sold the conversion kits we needed.  It took a bit of research and hard work from our great mechanics, but in just a little under a month, the trike was completed.  Jim took it out on its first test run after being put back together and within minutes of his departure, ironically, I received a phone call from the bike owner asking me if his bike had been completed.  As I walked back to the shop to check on the status he informed me that he was in his truck following it! He was so excited to see it moving again, I could hardly make out his words. He followed Jim back to the shop and took it out himself to see the difference. An hour later he returned with his wife on the back. It is officially safe to say, he now has two loves of his life! It made it all worthwhile to see the look on their faces.

I can honestly say we have happy customers’ everyday in our shop, but none as happy as Bill was that day. He came up just about every day during the transformation, and everyday he was blown away by what was being accomplished. It got his gears turning to start other projects on the bike and we are looking forward to working with the couple to make sure all their needs are met.

It was a great learning experience for all of us and we can’t wait to start our next Frankenstein project. Jan is even considering building one for show use. Yes, they are that awesome!

Please check out the photos under “Projects” on our web site.  You will need to scroll down to the bottom.  We are very proud of the final result, and if you’re interested in converting your bike, just speak to Jan about all the possibilities.

          *Drop off your bike and leave with a trike in 30 days!!*