Moving On by: Jake Knobbe

Photo by:  Ashleigh

Photo by: Ashleigh Ide

Maybe moving on is not such a great title.  More like moving forward.  I am here to announce to all of you the I will be moving the last week of February to Denver, Colorado.

It has been great working at the shop.  I have learned a lot and have had many great opportunities.  For me it is just time to move on and gather new experiences.  I don’t have anything waiting for me in Denver, but I’m ready for an adventure that I can’t have by staying local.  I have gotten both encouragement and discouragement from the people I have told already, but what is the point of being young if you don’t take any risks?  I am sad to leave the shop, but know it will be fine without me.  So stop by sometime before I leave to say goodbye, and tell anyone who’s interested to drop of a resume as I’m sure my position will need to be filled.
Thank you to everyone who’s been my friend, you will all be missed.