An SUV Driver’s Perspective by: Kellie Scott

MayI drive an SUV and, even as an individual who is well aware of the importance of looking out for motorcycles, it is very hard to see a motorcycle.  The bright colors some riders wear helps as it is much easier to see than black.  I had a family member who was considered legally blind and could not see shadows. So the black and dark colors made it near to impossible for them to see. So remember to wear something bright even if it is tying a bright colored bandana to your handlebars, use your headlights all the time, and loud pipes help also!

When making a turn off a road or parking lot I notice that if a bike is coming they are hard to see.  I always look both ways and have realized that motorcycles are blocked by my window support.  I am sure you have all read or heard that at 100 feet a motorcycle cannot be seen around a pencil.  It’s not that car drivers are not sharing the road, sometimes they simply cannot see.

I love the sound of a motorcycle when parked at a stop sign or light. It also makes me more aware that a motorcycle is present. Since I drive an SUV you sit lower on your motorcycle or are often in my blind spot. It is more likely that someone driving a truck or SUV may be less likely to see you but are more likely to hear you. So the noisier your motorcycle is the better for vehicles to be aware of your presence.

Also keep in mind that a vehicle cannot stop immediately. They need some space so make sure you signal when making a turn. If turning out in front of a vehicle make sure there’s plenty of distance.  Always remember safety first, it can save lives.

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