Proper maintenance for next year, starts now


First things first, if you are putting your bike away for the year, change your oil and put stabilizer in it. We are going to be running a special in November. It is a 29 point check with stabilizer for $29.95 or upgrade to 29 point check, stabilizer, plus oil change for $99.95. Air up those tires and park it on plywood or a mat. Try to avoid leaving it directly on a concrete floor because moisture will enter the tires causing them to dry rot quicker. Plug your battery tender in to extend the life of your battery. It will not hurt it.For those of you that I talk to all year long that either have smoking motors, low horsepower motors, leaking motors, noisy motors, etc. Please come and talk to me. We will have specials from now until January on rebuilds, cams, and horsepower upgrades. This is the time of year to do it. Now is the time to have major service on your bike completed….don’t wait until the weather starts to turn in March. Spring sneaks up rather quickly!!!

Folks that are going to ride through the winter months need to check the following before every ride: check all your fluid levels, check battery output and charging system output (Don’t get caught out in the cold with a battery that won’t start), and be sure to check your tire pressure weekly. Change in temperature and humidity will cause tire pressure to fluctuate rapidly which causes premature tire wear. Use a battery tender whenever you are not riding. Your bike can be plugged into a battery tender year round. It extends the life of the battery. Also remember to dress appropriately. Dress in layers as temperatures in Missouri can change hourly.

Keep the shiney side up!!!

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