Winter Preparations by: Jan Knobbe

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V-Twin Jan Engine Parts

It’s November and most riders are getting ready to put their motorcycles away until the spring when the warmer weather returns. Don’t forget about maintenance, even in the cold months.  The first thing to do if you’re going to store your bike for the winter is to wash it, then change the oil and fluids.  For the metric bikes, make sure the antifreeze is good. Finally, for all makes and models, install stabilizer. Stabilizer is very important because gas only has a 14 day life span. Why only 14 days? Because of the alcohol and other chemicals they put into gas to make it meet emissions. If you treat it with stabilizer it will last the winter. Also, don’t forget a battery tender, cover and park it on a piece of wood, not directly on a concrete floor to preserve the tires.

For those of you who were shamed or beaten by your buddies bike this past riding season, take this down time and upgrade your engine. What can we do for you to beat your buddy next year?  Chariots of Fire Customs LLC can help you decide if you need a simple cam job or move to a monster motor that is fast AND reliable to ride on the streets. We can help you decide if you need cams, big bore; cylinder heads, turbos, superchargers to name a few ways to make you go fast. An upgrade will definitely turn heads and it is a very exhilarating ride!

For the rest of you with twin cam motors there is a very important routine maintenance that is required at or around 35,000 miles. Yes, I’m talking about cam tensioners. A simple check or replacement can save you a breakdown or possible major repair down the road.

To those of you that want the sleek or slim down look, come talk to us for ideas. We can customize your ride to make it your own. Handlebars, wheels, audio and speakers packages, simple grips and dress up kits. Make your ride comfortable and unique. We can help you out!

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