2016 Mercy Women’s Center


Our fundraiser this year for Mercy Women’s Center here in Troy, MO. They offer free counseling for women ages 13 and over for the Lincoln County region. Mercy Women’s Center provides the extra TLC women need to be the best versions of themselves. I was inspired to donate to this center by a caring friend that volunteers her time there.

The weather was beautiful with blue skies and sunshine. The rumble of bikes coming and going all day added to the party atmosphere. We were fortunate that Full House was able to switch to Sunday and they really rocked the crowd! I have had multiple folks tell me they enjoyed the music AND the food. Brian and Sandy with Get U Sum Food kept the huge crowd happy. Thank you to everyone that came by to enjoy the day and for your generosity with donations to all our raffles, silent auction and 50/50. Oh, and also to the live auction. It was my first attempt at a live auction and I must say it was lots of fun! Anyone that knows me can imagine my enthusiasm. Think I’ll do that again at our next event.

Extra special thank you goes to Don Nolen of Extreme Rides for creating the marvelous custom best paint trophy and James McCloud of Pop’s Garage for his best of show masterpiece. Both these gentlemen came through for me with terrific one-of-a-kind trophies in very little time! To all my wonderful volunteers:  You are loved and appreciated!