Are You Baffled? By: Reine Knobbe

And I am not talking about the COVID-19 mess.  What I am talking about is if you should leave baffles in your motorcycle exhaust or not.  Hanging around Jan & friends in the early years (I’m talking decades ago LOL!) I always heard them talk about taking the baffles out of the exhaust to make the pipes louder (and Jan thought I was just a pretty face).  Well, let me tell you, things have changed over the years and it is not that simple.

Baffles inside the exhaust are there to slow down the exhaust gases before they exit the exhaust and yes, it does quiet the motorcycle down.  However, it also creates what is referred to as “back pressure” inside the system.  The correct amount of back pressure will make a motorcycle run more efficiently, which in turn increases its power.  Put simply, too much or too little back pressure in the exhaust can cause the engine to lose power.  Put another way, removing the baffles will mess up the torque curve of the motor; usually losing power low and gaining a slight amount up top.

Making your exhaust flow correctly improves the performance of your motorcycle drastically. Removing the baffles disrupts this perfectly calculated flow. In other words, choosing specific exhaust systems that have the capability of improving your performance and sound of your ride is a much better option than simply removing the baffles from your current exhaust. We at Chariots not only have the specialized tools (Dynamometer) but years of experience from street usage to the drag strip to calculate a perfect flow in your bike’s exhaust. With that being said, we are offering 15% off anything that makes your bike rumble for the month of May (this includes exhaust, speakers and radios).

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