It’s Travel Season!

A Common Oversight

Long distance travel plans for the season are here! I asked our terrific tech Trent what advice he would give to our customers, both seasoned and new riders.  Trent is a man of few words, so I can sum it up pretty quickly:

  • Look over your bike before traveling: tire pressure, fluid levels, lights/electronics, controls 

(I would say T-CLOCKS)

  • When packing put all your personal hygiene items at the bottom of the bag along with extra pair of shoes i.e. the stuff you don’t need until you stop for the night.  Pack gear you may need quickly on top i.e. rain gear, chaps, jackets (you don’t want to dig when you’re hit by rain).
  • Balance out your saddlebags!  Trent said that most of the motorcycles he works on have one saddlebag loaded down with extra gear and the other side empty.  This is the common oversight Trent sees over and over again.
  • When you stop for fuel, look over your bike from front to back again, especially on those cross country trips.  Tires still have the right amount of air pressure?  Any leaks?
  • Look over your buddy’s bikes also when traveling with others.  You might notice something they don’t!

Jan would like to add that you should schedule a general maintenance i.e. fluid changes and/or tire changes a minimum of four weeks before your trip.  That way you can be sure you will be able to get in and have it serviced before your trip as the shop is very busy this time of year.  If you want to make major changes like changing out handle bars six to eight weeks out is best.  That way we can be sure to, not only get all parts ordered and changes made, but also so that you have several weeks to ride and get used to the change made before going on a long trip.

Hmmm, thinking about that “common oversight” Trent mentioned, as a passenger, maybe some off those saddlebags empty on one side are for the passenger.  What do you all think?  

Peace Out and Safe Travels, Reine

Some of the Top Summer Motorcycle Trips You Should Take

Are you looking for some fun new places to travel to for the summer? Here are some of the top ranked trip destinations for motorcyclists!

Peak-to-Peak Highway – Colorado: Colorado’s Peak-to-Peak Highway is considered by many motorcyclists to be a biker’s nirvana, despite its 60-mile length. The Peak-to-Peak Highway combines some of the most beautiful scenery in the world with sensational twists and turns!

Beartooth Highway – Montana and Wyoming: Many bikers claim that the Beartooth Highway along U.S. Highway 212 is the best highway for motorcycling in America. There are many hairpin turns and switchbacks found along the Beartooth Highway, along with mountains and valleys, and some spectacular views and vistas that can be enjoyed along the route!

Tail of the Dragon North Carolina and Tennessee: What’s known to motorcyclists as “Tail of the Dragon” consists of U.S. Highways 129 and 318 that flow through North Carolina. Many movies and TV shows have been based on this route, not to mention several songs. With it’s tight curves, swift dips, steep drops, and spanning just 11 miles, it is one of the most well-known and popular rides in the world.