How To Keep Cool While Riding This Summer

We’re all adjusting back to the warm weather after the damp cold winter we’ve just had. There are many ways to keep cool on your long rides in the heat. But remember “riding cool” doesn’t mean stripping down! 

Here are some tips on how to keep cool this summer on your bikes: 

  1. Hydration: The first tip would be the most obvious, KEEP HYDRATED! Always be sure to travel with water and drink as regularly as you can. You can simply pack a few water bottles or you can always buy a Hydration Pack to bring along with you.
  1. Wear The RIght Gear: You would think that removing your layers of clothing would cool you off but this actually isn’t fully true. You want to be protected and comfortable. Wearing the right ventilated “cooling” outer gear can keep you protected from the sun and can help you stay cool by allowing heat to escape through the ventilation. Stop by the shop and check out our summer gear or ask us any questions! 
  1. Ride At Cooler TImes Of Day: The temperature usually peaks at 12 and 5 each day in the Summer. Try to avoid riding around these times and try riding in the morning or in the evening to stay as cool and comfortable as possible. However if you are going to ride at these hot times of day, be sure to stay hydrated and take necessary breaks to avoid heat issues. 
  1. Open Up Your Vents: Your helmets have vents for a reason, open them up! This allows air to flow through to keep the temp regulated. All helmets are different so if you’re not sure how to open your vents, or if you don’t have any, you can ask us for help! We can help you find the perfect ventilated helmet. 

We hope these tips are able to help you keep cool and enjoy your rides this summer.