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Jeff Decker’s Lair

If you don’t know who Jeff Decker is, look him up and you’ll find a lot of really cool sculptures. He is the man behind the “hill climber” sculpture in front of the Harly museum. He owns many older bike’s and this video is a look into that collection. Enjoy 😉

Fall riding by Mr Jim

Reading Jake’s article in last month’s newsletter brought back memories of fall rides that  Miss Donna and I have taken, the people that we have met.  I love riding in the fall, the rainbow of colors and the crisp air are some of the best things in life. That means sometimes you get wet and cold, but still there can be good memories anyway. Continue Reading →

How I got my motorcycle

My friend Theo did this for animation class. The assignment was to make a video with sound. Check it out!

2010 Colorfest

Thanks to all of you who joined us for this year annual Colorfest in Louisiana MO. Here’s a couple photo’s. I will try to put more up in our gallery, or facebook later.

1/8 Scale Harley Knucklehead Engine

Yep, some guy did make a 1/8th scale model of a Knucklehead. Yes it does run. I think weird stuff like this finds me to be honest. I searched for knuckleheads and I got ’em. Just a lot smaller than what I was looking for. The guys name is Jerry Kieffer, and if you click on the pic it should link you to a model site, where you can see more pic’s of the 1/8th scale bike he’s working on. Different yes, waste of time? I’ll let you decide.


KinG JaKe

Gas Stops

By: KinG JaKe

One thing I love about having a custom bike is that you are always greeted at the fill up station by someone. One thing I hate about having a custom bike is that you’re always greeted at the fill up station by someone. I’ve made plenty of gas stops, and have heard plenty of stories. Whether it be someone who just likes bikes and wants to say hi, an old timer recalling the past, or a crack head trying to sell me something stolen. I’ve heard it all.

Some days I may want to “just get gas,” and taking 15 minutes to get 1.7 gallon’s of gas isn’t exactly want I aim for. Getting into unwanted conversations becomes a specialty. And good stories are hard to come by, but when you do get a good story. You can feel the excitement in the air, Continue Reading →

Dream Bike

By Justin Mueller   |   As found in the May 2007 issue of The Biking Life »

I believe that almost all of us who ride have a dream bike. You know the one you build over and over in your head adding chrome, changing paint colors and paint schemes, a new set of tins, a monster engine and the list goes on. Well, I had the opportunity to make my dream a reality with the craftsmanship of a great mechanic, Jan Knobbe, of Chariots of Fire Customs LLC, and an awesome painter, Doug Heflin, of Doug’s Custom Paint & Restoration.

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