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Ten for Ten

By: Reine Knobbe

Posing with a larger than life statue of Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel in front of the natural, limestone filtered spring they still get water from today.

Posing with a larger than life statue of Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel in front of the natural, limestone filtered spring they still get water from today.

For the past six months we have been promoting our Tenth Anniversary commemorative bottles of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select. Jan, myself, Jack connoisseur and son-in-law Clayton, daughter Marie as well as Mike and Pam Collins set out for Lynchburg, Tennessee early one Saturday morning.  Mike was the catalyst for this trip as he invited us on a tour of the distillery last spring.  The mood of the morning was a little sleepy, however, as the day progressed anticipation and excitement grew.

We drove straight through to Lynchburg, TN, which gave us plenty of time to enjoy a nice “grilled cheese on crack” sandwich at the Barrelhouse BBQ restaurant.  It was only a short walk from there to the distillery.  Our host, Jason, made us feel very welcome. The private tour started with photo ops.  We then walked across the property to the flag pole where the Jack Daniels flag was flying in our honor.  Next we headed to the Bethel house where the selection took place.

The Bethel house is the home of the first visitor’s center.  The mood was set.  There was a long table set up at the far end of the room with a large fireplace behind. Three small brandy shaped glasses were set and filled with caramel colored whiskey at each of our seats. As we got settled, Jason pointed out the barrel wall we walked through upon entering the room is made from the first barrels cracked open after prohibition.  Cool huh?

Jason shared his passion for tasting by first explaining the process.  Master selectors pull a hundred barrels and look for three flavor profiles; caramel, vanilla and toasted oak.  Barrels that meet these flavors are then left to age another year or two.  Seven master tasters determine if a barrel is worthy to become single barrel select.  Less than 2% of Jack Daniels sales are single barrels. And we got one! Continue Reading →

Cool & Quick By: Jan Knobbe

I’ve used many aftermarket parts over the span of thirty plus years (twenty personal and almost ten here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC).  Vendors from Accutronix to Zipper products.  What I have found to be most innovative and helpful for large displacement motors in the bagger/touring class is the extra capacity oil pan.  The other product is the Direct Drive 7 speed transmissions (DD7).

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Second Annual Christmas in July Run a Success


On Sunday, July 27 at 1 pm, you could hear the roar of over 70 motorcycles heading east on Hwy C and then north on Hwy 79 in Lincoln County.  Santa Claus and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s department lead the group from Moscow Mills to Elsberry to raise funds for Lincoln County Youth in Need. Read More



Following behind were several support vehicles.  Pam Henke, Lincoln County Area Manager for Youth in Need and her husband, John, brought up the rear.  They had never been a part of such a large group of motorcycles raising funds.  It brought her to tears to see everyone participating in a fundraiser for the organization that means so much to her.  That makes it all worth while.


Jeanine Graham, owner of Iron Cross Liquor, Linda Rippe, owner of Tattooed Lady Bar & Grill, and Reine Knobbe, owner of Chariots of Fire Customs LLC partnered together along with Terry Martin, Commander of the Elsberry VFW Post 9064 to create the “Christmas in July Run”.  The VFW Post did not only donate all the food so that the participants could enjoy a free lunch at the end of the ride, but they also donated an additional $200 for Youth In Need!  Terry very proudly, and rightly so, shared with me that VFW Post 9064 received the National and State Outstanding Community Service award.  Only two posts in Missouri were awarded the honor this year.


Our goal was to double the participants and thus doubling the donations.  I am very happy to say we achieved this goal!  Lincoln county AMVETS Post 180 brought a group of riders, as did local Invaders Motorcycle Club, Freedom of Road Riders, Messiah’s chosen volunteered their time to help out.  Actually I found out that several of their members, Rob “Jax” Jackson, Richie “Caged” Burts and Chrissie “Greeneyes” Burts, left Memphis at 4am to make it in time to help out!  We also had the Marine Corp, Toys for Tots group come out and volunteer their time to help keep the motorcycles lined up on the parking lot as well as participating in the ride.  The winners of the poker hands where generous as they donated their entire cash back!  Dawg and Tracie of the Invaders MC donated first place $100 and Digger DMC of the Midwest Drifters donated their second place $50 winnings back.  CD won the liquor raffle basket.  Thank you, groups and individuals alike for making the day a success with over $2000 raised!


Christmas in July Run had a few folks out to cheer us on this year.  We hope to spread the word to gain a parade like atmosphere in the years to come.  Thanks to Lincoln County Journal for writing an article the week prior to inform Lincoln County about our event.  The route is a lovely jaunt through farm lands along the Mississippi lowlands and through the low rolling hills into Elsberry.  Riders were able to enjoy this scenic route with no worries of traffic congestion as local police departments all cooperated to provide a steady pace through their small towns which included:  Moscow Mills, Old Monroe, Winfield, Foley, and Elsberry.  Special thanks to all those police departments as well as the motorcycle escort provided by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.  Troy’s Fire Department provided their hook and ladder truck with flag to not only attract attention, but to provide the flag for riders to say the Pledge of Allegiance, thank you very much!


Upon arrival at VFW Post 9064, riders were greeted with outstanding hospitality.  Free lunch, liquid refreshments, and shade ended the ride on a positive note as riders were able to socialize Money will be set aside and used this Christmas season to brighten the lives of the youth in our community.  If this story inspires you, please feel free to make a donation by dropping by any one of the above mentioned businesses and Jeanine, Linda, or Reine will make sure your donation goes to Youth in Need!


Jeanine, Linda, Terry, and Reine would like to express their gratitude to all the riders who showed up to enjoy the ride. Next year be sure to bring a friend to help us double the attendance yet again.  Last, but not least by any means, thank you Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus for taking a break from your summer vacation to join us for Christmas in July!

Summer Escape by: Reine Knobbe

The summer season is well underway.  I’m sure many of you have already enjoyed some nice long weekend escapes and several of you have shared stories with us from your vacations.  thank you!  We always enjoy hearing about the first ride down the Dragon’s Tail in the Smokies or your plan for Sturgis.  With traveling in mind, this month we’re running specials on oil changes and 15% off all motorcycle luggage so you and your ride are ready to escape in style! Continue Reading →