Tips for Hot Weather Riding

Check Your Tires:
Low tires create heat.  Heat expands tires to possible blow out stages.  Low tires and the heat of the road is a poor combination!  Proper air pressure allows tires to run at a cooler temperature decreasing your chances of a blow out.
Check all Your Fluids:
Proper fluid levels on air cooled and water cooled engines allow your engine to run at operating conditions.  Lack there of causes engine or other drive train components to over-heat causing premature wear.
Don’t Overfill Your Tank:
When stopping to fill up your tank, leave the fuel level slightly lower in the tank allowing expansion of fuel.  If you fill it to the top, it may expand and overflow onto your tank.  Especially if you are filling up and then going in for a refreshing drink and not running the gas down immediately (it will spill over!)
Lotion Up and Wear Proper Gear:
Wear loose fitting, light colored clothing, helmet, long pants, and boots, not sandals or open toed shoes of any kind.  Wear 100% cotton under your leather or jacket to prevent sweat from wicking off your skin.  There is proper safety attire for all riding conditions including lighter weight jackets etc. for those that want to protect themselves from road rash.  Don’t forget suntan lotion on all exposed skin.
Drink plenty of water.  Cool or warm water is better than ice water. Decrease the amount of alcohol as it causes dehydration which leads to fatigue and possible fainting.