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Motorcycle Awareness Month by: Mr. Jim

May is officially motorcycle awareness month; this is something that we should be doing all year. We should be making people aware that motorcycles are there in all weather and times. I don’t mean we should be loud, noisy, or a bully you get the idea, instead we should remind the cage drivers that we are hard to see and the head light that they see down the road is closer than they think. That we are normal people that raise families and have jobs in the community go to church and we are not different than they are other than the sport we love, riding motorcycles. Continue Reading →

Keep the Shiny Side Up by: Miss Reine

We use this saying often as another way of saying ride safe and come home in one piece.  We do all we can to be safe on our motorcycles; wear the right equipment, get trained, get licensed, ride sober, ride responsibly and keep an eye out for those on cell phones, texting, putting on make-up, drinking hot coffee. . . . You know what I’m talking about.  Well, I hope to bring awareness to those on four wheels to watch out for those of us on two. Continue Reading →

Idea’s of Cool by: KinG JaKe

There’s been a shift in the motorcycle culture.  Propelled not by one man but an idea.  The idea being if you don’t need it on your bike, then why have it? TV has made Indian Larry the poster boy, and we couldn’t ask for a better fit.  He is the one who brought this idea into our homes and into our culture. Almost overnight the “kustom kulture” started looking at the choppers they were creating and asking themselves why?  The bikes at this time had gotten long stretched out, and had the widest tire you could throw under the rear.  I love choppers, but people always have to take things to extremes. Continue Reading →

Always Be Prepared By: Jan Knobbe

            It’s four a.m. and I can’t sleep because I feel spring approaching.  So many things to do, so little time.  I know it’s hard to realize it, but the days are getting long already.  For me that’s a real good thing and for you also I’m sure.  Before you know it the days will be warm enough to ride.  If your bike is not up to snuff, you’ll be stuck in your garage or sitting on the side of the road messing with it, not enjoying it.  Think about pre-maintenance now, before spring hits.  Get the edge on the procrastinators.  Think about your battery, oil change, tires (March tire specials).  You know what they are, the normal A,B,Cs of pre-flight inspection.  But enough of that.

Continue Reading →

Motorcycle Laws and Apathy By Jim Childers

Did you know as motorcycle riders we have been deemed to be different from other motorists? We have been identified to stand out amongst the masses and it has been determined that we shouldreceive “special” treatment not afforded to the majority of others who operate vehicles on public roads. Solely identified and singled out by our two wheels, we have been selected and even targeted to be treated differently than others on the road. I believe that term they have for this is called profiling. Apparently we need to be singled out and swept off public roadways by local, state, and federal government agencies all in the name of protecting us from ourselves? We don’t know what is good for ourselves; we don’t know what kind of protection we need to keep us safe. Continue Reading →

The Year In Review by: Reine J. Knobbe

What a wonderful year it has been.  Last year at this time we were planning our fifth year anniversary party.  We updated our website, added facebook, improved our computer system, and have a new e-mail system.  Our motorcycle family continues to grow with new customers coming in even as I type!  We are grateful to all our loyal customers who keep coming back and telling others about us.  Chariots of Fire Customs LLC continues to grow and improve because of our exceptional clientele and faithful volunteers. Continue Reading →

Fall riding by Mr Jim

Reading Jake’s article in last month’s newsletter brought back memories of fall rides that  Miss Donna and I have taken, the people that we have met.  I love riding in the fall, the rainbow of colors and the crisp air are some of the best things in life. That means sometimes you get wet and cold, but still there can be good memories anyway. Continue Reading →

Gas Stops

By: KinG JaKe

One thing I love about having a custom bike is that you are always greeted at the fill up station by someone. One thing I hate about having a custom bike is that you’re always greeted at the fill up station by someone. I’ve made plenty of gas stops, and have heard plenty of stories. Whether it be someone who just likes bikes and wants to say hi, an old timer recalling the past, or a crack head trying to sell me something stolen. I’ve heard it all.

Some days I may want to “just get gas,” and taking 15 minutes to get 1.7 gallon’s of gas isn’t exactly want I aim for. Getting into unwanted conversations becomes a specialty. And good stories are hard to come by, but when you do get a good story. You can feel the excitement in the air, Continue Reading →

Fall Road Hazards

Fall, my absolute favorite time of the year!  Cool weather riding is the best.  As with any season it brings with it it’s own set of road hazards.  They may be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to review them.

Deer, on the move as hunting season gears up.  Watch out for moving deer as well the dead carcasses in the middle and side of the road.  Fall leaves, lovely to look at, slippery when wet!  Farm equipment, bringing in the harvest means slow moving farm equipment on the roadways as well as corn.  Corn is as bad as loose gravel.  Wino’s down in wine country.  No one should drink and drive whether you’re in a car or on a motorcycle.  But let’s face it.  We all know it happens, so keep a watchful eye out for those wandering over the line or going too fast around corners. Continue Reading →

Tips for Hot Weather Riding

Check Your Tires:
Low tires create heat.  Heat expands tires to possible blow out stages.  Low tires and the heat of the road is a poor combination!  Proper air pressure allows tires to run at a cooler temperature decreasing your chances of a blow out.
Check all Your Fluids:
Proper fluid levels on air cooled and water cooled engines allow your engine to run at operating conditions.  Lack there of causes engine or other drive train components to over-heat causing premature wear.
Don’t Overfill Your Tank:
When stopping to fill up your tank, leave the fuel level slightly lower in the tank allowing expansion of fuel.  If you fill it to the top, it may expand and overflow onto your tank.  Especially if you are filling up and then going in for a refreshing drink and not running the gas down immediately (it will spill over!)
Lotion Up and Wear Proper Gear:
Wear loose fitting, light colored clothing, helmet, long pants, and boots, not sandals or open toed shoes of any kind.  Wear 100% cotton under your leather or jacket to prevent sweat from wicking off your skin.  There is proper safety attire for all riding conditions including lighter weight jackets etc. for those that want to protect themselves from road rash.  Don’t forget suntan lotion on all exposed skin.
Drink plenty of water.  Cool or warm water is better than ice water. Decrease the amount of alcohol as it causes dehydration which leads to fatigue and possible fainting.