Let us help you get the best performance out of your machine! We offer a full spectrum of performance upgrades and have broken them down into stages to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Dyno and Fuel Mapping

A quick note: Pay once and get free tuning when doing further upgrades down the road. See our Dyno page for more info.

Dyno Room
Horsepower and Torque print out

Stage 1: Bolt on Performance

  • Exhaust
  • Intake
  • Fuel Mapping

Many of our customers check these items off the list one at a time however we do recommend that you get your fuel program remapped at the same time you upgrade your airflow (exhaust/intake). Proper fuel to air ratio is key to performance and if to far off can damage components of your engine.

Fuel Mapping

Stage 2: Cams and Pushrods

Twin Cam Camshafts

Stage 3: Cylinders and Pistons

Stage 4: Heads

Springs, Valves
Heads milled
Heads milled/exhaust port
Heads milled intake
Intake manifold Milled

Bottom End

Bottom End repair Split Cases, Weld and Balance Flywheels
Twin Cam S&S Crate Motor

Past Projects

Turbo Charged Road Glide
Turbo Charged drag bike

Warning: you may need to upgrade other elements of your driveline with our engine upgrades to get all of your power to the ground.

Performance clutch basket
Performance Clutch
Performance Clutch
Performance Clutch

Last Stage: Fluxcapaciter

We must get up to 88 mph Marty!