Not Your Average Taco. By Reine Knobbe

We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

September is already here and there is only one bike night left!  I thought I would highlight another one of our sponsors, El Gringo’s Tacos.  Cody has not had the opportunity to ride for many years like most of us.  He had a Honda CBR 600 that he absolutely loved to ride however, like many entrepreneurs he sold it in order to start his own business. 

Cody has an adventurous spirit and wanted to combine his passion to travel and meet new people with a business that would allow that.  Food brings people together.  In Cody’s words “it is a gateway to get to know people”.  Starting his food truck, El Gringo’s Tacos, has opened up many new contacts as well as challenges.  Cody was in business a short time when the trucks rear axle gave way sending the truck into a ditch and totaling it!  Many new entrepreneurs would give up, but not Cody.  He picked himself up and got a new truck.  It took approximately five weeks to outfit the new, bigger, better truck and El Gringo Tacos is back in business!

El Gringo’s Tacos specializes in a 100% gluten free menu.  All his food is prepared fresh daily, from the veggies to the meat which is grilled the day of events.  Cody uses authentic Mexican spices and his tacos have a traditional Mexican flare.  Cody has been so successful and had such great reviews that he is expanding.  Cody is getting another food truck and partnering with Twisted Tacos.  Twisted Tacos has been around for four or five years.  They specialize in award winning craft tacos like lobster, walking tacos, chicken and hamburger, (more American-style).  The combined businesses will be called Twisted Gringo’s Tacos with the best of both worlds! Keep an eye on Cody’s Facebook page to be the first to know when and where you can get twisted!

Food trucks are similar to the motorcycle world in two ways.  1)  Food and motorcycles bring people together and 2) trucks and motorcycles travel!  LOL.  Okay, so I might be stretching a bit, but it is true that people socialize while eating and riding.  If you want to book a food truck for an event, local or out of state, go to their Facebook page at El Gringo’s Tacos or email Cody at:  Click on the events tab on his Facebook page to find out where the food truck will be on any given day. 

Many blessings, peace out, Reine

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2016 Road King

Stock Cam
Fuel Injected
6-Speed Trans
Accessories include, Driver & Passenger Backrests, Phone Holder, Luggage Rack, After-Market Exhaust & Tuner, New Battery, Upgraded Grips and Windshield.

Mileage: 6,720
Asking: $14500

2010 Deluxe Softail

Stage III H-D Heads
Stage II Jugs and Pistons
Roller Rockers & Tappets
Woods Cam
Stage 4 Programmer w/ O2 Sensor add-ons
Vance & Hine Pro Race Exhaust
DNA Wheels with Matching Pulley & Rotors
Progressive Shocks
Fuel Injected
6-Speed Transmission
Windshield & Cover Included

Mileage: 22,375
Asking: $13,850

Got Green? By Reine Knobbe

We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

We all have green.  Some of us more than others, however I am not talking about money green.  I’m talking green space.  Some of us have big yards.  Some of us have little yards.  Some of us have acres.  Most of us can take care of our own space.  There are always those times that extra help is needed.  I now know who to refer you to.  Ronnie King of King’s Tree Service LLC.

Ronnie’s specialty is tree removal.  “Big or small, we will remove them all” is his motto.  Ronnie has 20 years of experience with tree removal and has owned his own business for three years.  Besides tree removal they also do other yard work such as retaining wall tear outs; fencing repair; emergency storm damage service also.  That’s right, King’s Tree Service LLC will come out any time day or night to remove trees blocking roads or driveways.  If you are in need of a service Ronnie can’t do, Ronnie will subcontract out a service and make it part of his bill so there is only one fee and one contractor to deal with.  Once you enter into a service agreement with King’s Tree Service LLC, no money is collected until the job is completed, including all yard clean up, to your satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Ronnie.

I went to King’s Tree Service LLC’s facebook page and read most of the reviews.  They were all glowing!  The following terms were repeated often:  knowledgeable; dependable; honest; trustworthy; professional; fantastic!  I’m not surprised after interviewing Ronnie and learning that he gives discounts to military, seniors, and first responders.  Every year he has a contest for up to $1000 towards tree care on his facebook page.  To enter you need to explain why you are in need and deserve his help.  Ronnie is typical of most big bikers I know.  Big and strong and yet really a teddy bear inside.  I say this because Ronnie understands people.  If Ronnie tells you that a tree must come down because of disease; damage; or safety reasons and that tree has sentimental value to you, he will replace that tree with another for free.  Ronnie will also give you advice, even if you do not contract him out for his services.  You can contact Ronnie on his Facebook page King’s Tree Service LLC; or 636-345-7902.

Ronnie’s big heart spills over into the motorcycle world as well.  Ronnie has been riding for ten years (took a while to be able to afford to ride).  In those ten years Ronnie has built up lasting friendships.  Not surprisingly, Ronnie’s core group is filled with others that want to help people.  In May of 2019 they created 4 H.E.L.P.  (Helping Everyone Live Peasefully) a nonprofit 501C3 entity.  Ronnie is the president.  Their purpose is to help everyone they can specifically bullying; suicide; financial aide after life’s difficulties such as a fire.  A tall order indeed for a new organization!  If you need any kind of support with life’s difficulties, contact 4 H.E.L.P.  at or they have a Facebook page also.

Please be sure to give King’s Tree Service LLC your business.  Let’s help him grow as you have helped us grow! 

Many blessings, Peace Out, Reine

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2019 Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition

Rosie was assigned to pick out this year’s fundraiser.  She did a terrific job!  After reading the following statistics, you’ll agree.  Currently, as I am typing this, there are over 14,500 children in Missouri foster care.  Over 4,500 are in foster care in the seven county area that Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition serve (St. Louis City; St. Louis County; St. Charles; Lincoln; Warren; Jefferson; and Franklin Counties).  Ten years ago there were 9,000 children in foster care across Missouri, a 42% increase in the last ten years.  The opioid epidemic is the primary reason.  According to the CDC, approximately 150 people die daily nationwide from opioids.  Children stay in care longer because of relapse.  Since 2007, there has been a 400-500% increase in babies addicted to opioids. 

Kyle, with Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition stated that he wanted people to know the following:  we often hear in the news that there is a shortage of foster parents.  Kyle stated that is not necessarily the case.  Many good people come forward to become foster parents.  The problem was that 60% quit after the first year and more drop the second year.  The good news is that in 2017 The Jones Family Program was started and they have a 95% retention rate after only two years! 

I am very pleased with Rosie for finding such a worthy fundraiser for this year.  Another important statistic is that 95% of the funds go to the children.  On June 1st the weather was wonderful; Midlife Crisis entertained us; Taormina’s fed us; Pawn Bucks donated the gun to raffle; Don Nolen came up with another cool “Best of Paint” trophy; Jan & Sparky put together a hip “Best of Show” trophy; and those that attended were more than generous.  A special thank you to:   Oggie for helping with set up and tear down; Cindy for helping with registration; and Tammy for helping sell the 50/50 tickets.  And, as always, thank you to all of you who attended and made the day the success that it was! 

Peace Out,  Reine

2018 End Alzheimer’s, by Reine J. Knobbe

First of all I would like to apologize for not writing this article for a year.  So reflections is a very good way to look at it.  Kind of ironic that I have to work on pulling up memories from a past event with the fundraiser being Alzheimer’s Association, don’t you think?

When searching for a fundraiser each year, we first think about the people around us and what is having an impact on people’s lives.  There is a couple in the Chariots circle that is experiencing and living with Alzheimer’s.  It has also impacted my life as I watched my grandmother go from driving me to church (a little too fast/I know where I get my lead foot from!), to going to a nursing home.  It wasn’t easy.  Back then it wasn’t uncommon to “tie” up residents that wandered off.  Thank God there have been great advances made.  There is still work to be done which is why we chose Alzheimer’s Association.  The second thing we ask is how much money actually goes to research and community outreach?   The Alzheimer’s Association national organization meets or exceeds relevant watchdog standards in its allocation of donor dollars. Great fit for our fundraising efforts!

If memory serves me correctly, Catfish Willie entertained us.  I do remember setting up the silent auction tables outside in front of the garage door; pulling them in because it started to drizzle; then putting them out; then pulling them back in!  The rain held off the rest of the day, however attendance was down slightly because of it.  Don Nolen of Extreme Rides painted up a unique “Best of Paint” trophy.  Overall it was a wonderful day as we were able to raise funds for a good cause as everyone that did show up was very generous!  We are so very blessed with very giving customers!  Special thanks to our staff and terrific volunteers.

Luxurious Concepts

We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

Summer time, summer time!  This month’s featured business is Luxurious Concepts LLC.  Think relaxing on your patio with a lovely custom built fireplace.  Need a built in bar and grill next to it?  Bo Hawkins at Luxurious Concepts LLC can make your dream a reality!  Bo specializes in custom masonry work.  I went to his website ( and Facebook page to check out some of his work.  The photos I’m sure don’t do his work justice.  Beautiful work! 

Bo has twenty two years of masonry experience.  Being the type of man that likes to stay busy, when he was laid off of work, instead of trying to find a new job, or waiting for business to pick up where he was working, Bo decided to open his own shop.  Bo told several people that he was going out on his own.  With no prior business experience Bo was going all in on his dream to be a business owner.  After all, he said it out loud to several people and he is a man of his word!

When you call Luxurious Concepts LLC, rest assured that you are dealing with a top notch company.  Bo does not cut corners; customer service is a priority; communication is key; Bo is a man of his word; Bo’s integrity is important to him; all jobs are completed right the first time; Bo is proud to state that he has not had to go back and fix his masonry work.  Very impressive for having been in business for eight years! 

In business for eight years and riding since age two.  Bo’s father had him on the four wheeler at two; dirt bike at four; first dirt bike race at eight; started riding Harley’s around 13 or 14; crotch rockets in his twenties; back to Harley full time.  Bo enjoys hanging out up at our shop and is at many of our events.  So next time you are up here, just ask if Bo is around I’ll be sure to introduce you.  Or better yet, give Bo a call yourself and tell him I sent you 314-280-8836.

Many Blessings, Peace Out, Reine

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