Getting Ready by: Jan Knobbe

Summer is well underway as is the AHDRA racing season which opened in April.  Our racing season, however, started back in January as we had to find ways to become even more competitive this year.  We consulted with other motorcycle race teams, engine engineers, and frame engineers.  We came up with several strategies.  Our first step was to relieve rolling resistance.  We did this by lightening the drag bike up by changing to super light race wheels.  I mean we went from a 35 lb front wheel and 46 lb rear wheel to an 11.2 lb front wheel and 13.5 lb rear wheel.  The seat, rear fender, and oil tank were all made of steel.  We had James of James’ Welding create a carbon fiber seat & rear fender along with a new aluminum oil tank.  Next we took advantage of all the torque the engine can produce by changing the cam shaft profile, flowed cylinder headsby Rudy of Quick Time Motor Sports, and we increased the overall cubic inch of the motor.  Finally we regeared the drag bike to get it to use ALL the horsepower in the quarter mile.

After our first test and tune runs we feel very confident about what the drag bike is capable of.  All systems, electrical, air, and shifter, worked directly out of the trailer.  Minor adjustments were needed:  wheelie bar need tweaking, timing and carb adjusted.  Now we are good to go!  Our first major race is the weekend of June 8-10 in Norwalk, OH followed by Tulsa, OK June 29-July 1.  Keep an eye out on our web site and face book for racing schedules.  We hope to make it over to gateway as time permits and of course we will be over at the new Mid-America (MAR) racetrack once they are open.  Special thanks to all our sponsors and to all of those that have been encouraging us as we continue on the FAST track!


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