Reflections by: Jim Childers

As I begin my 4th year with Chariots of Fire Customs LLC I have taken the opportunity to look back at the changes that have happened to me and the shop:

  •  No Grey Area was the first ground up build I was involved in with at the shop. For me this was a new way of thinking. No engineering drawing just a napkin and an idea. That changed the way that I thought about doing what seemed like normal things like how to operate a clutch or use the brakes.
  • The shop opened the 3rd section for show room and build area at the Moscow Mills location.  Jan and I started working full time at the shop. A new and improve web site was launched. A new and improved newsletter was rolled out. New products were added.
  • I have had two bagger builds, both different, and was given an honor by MidWest Motorcycle Supply by having my bike on the cover of the catalog.
  • The shop built a drag bike and Jake has had two seasons running with great success and consistent times.  It was also featured on the MidWest catalog on the back and side.
  • By far one of the best things that has happened since I started working at Chariots is the move to Troy.  I was amazed by the number of people that would come in and tell us they did not know that we were in the strip mall in Moscow Mills and had been going to Chubbys or the Tattooed Lady for some time. We would spend 30 to 45 minutes a day moving bikes around so we could work and if it rained it was bad all day. I am surprised that we did not damage bikes based on a 48 inch door and lack of space.
  • Since the move we have more foot traffic and people asking how long we have been in business and did not know we were in Moscow Mills.
  • The show room is warm and inviting and we have a customer lounge with flat screen TV complete with cable. Coming soon a soda machine (sorry Reine won’t let us have a beer machine). The shop is big open with lots of room for growth. There is a used parts room, a machine area, and of course the work area. We have 6 racks one being a trike rack and lots of room between each area. We have room to store bikes without having to move them to work.
  • The shop is also gearing up to build a second drag bike to run in the Pro category. Hope to be doing test and tune this spring.
  • The move also gave Donna Sewing & Things a studio for her sewing machines and to display her patches. This now gives people a place to go to see Donna to get their sewing needs done and a secure room so they can leave their items  knowing  they will be safe and not walk away.
  • As I look to the future I see growth for Chariots of Fire and myself. I am starting to plan a stretched big wheel bagger build hopefully with a 240 rear tire and some tricked out electronics (maybe an ipad dash). Of course it will be fast I am thinking 120 twin cam maybe 130.
  • As we start this New Year I believe it will be a great year for all of us and I hope to see you all in this next year. Stop by and say hello put your head in the back of the shop and yell at me that is the only way I will know that you are here (yes it is that big).

Happy New Year

Mr Jim

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