Make Your Motorcycle Faster, Go Further, & Roar Louder

Welcome to 2022!

I know we’re already looking forward to spring, but there is no better time than now for a project to get your bike ready for riding season. Thinking of a modification? Now is the time. Considering a complete rebuild? Get started soon to be ready for that April or May weather. Knowing your end goal, whether you want to go faster, further or be louder are things you need to consider when you head to your favorite motorcycle shop. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Increased Horsepower? We can do it.

There are several ways to increase your bike’s horsepower. We recommend starting in the following four areas:

Exhaust/ Air Intake.

After-market exhaust will reduce back pressure. This makes it easier for the engine to receive oxygen, which leads to more power at the wheels and even improves fuel economy.


Cams increase the cylinder pressure as the engine’s RPM’s rise. This is done by the scavenging effect from the valve timing and overlap in the cam, which raises the cylinder pressure and increases horsepower with RPM.

Increase Motors Cubic Inches.

There are only two ways to increase an engine’s cubic inches. You can bore it (engine boring increases the cylinder diameters) or you can stroke it (engine stroking increases the crankshaft stroke).

Dyno Tune.

A proper tune will help ensure maximum performance, durability and reliability. We can also tell from the graph if your motorcycle is running properly, wasting fuel, or is not up to its full potential. In addition, the graph will also show potential problems in the drivetrain which helps us better diagnose any issues you may be having or would be having in the future.

Drive the Dream

The whole key is to think about what you want your bike to do, how you want it to look, sound and perform. Some of the customizations we do include:

  • wheels and tires
  • handlebars and grips
  • seats and luggage
  • engines and turbos
  • pipes
  • lighting
  • sound
  • paint & graphics

We’re here for you. It’s important to talk to a professional when you’re upgrading your bike. Call or stop by with your ideas. We run monthly specials, so watch for savings on the parts you need. Plus, we watch for distributor discounts that we pass on to you. Schedule your appointment or stop by the shop to share your ideas and get a quote on customizing your ride!