Industry Blessings by Reine Knobbe

The end of the busy season in the motorcycle industry means vendors and dealers can take time
to reconnect. The networking and bonds we establish during this time transfers into better
customer service for you, our customers. Jan and I are blessed to be a part of the Drag
Specialties family. We bought in as new shop owners in 2005 and have benefited from this
business relationship ever since.

The ”Drag Ride” takes place every fall. The first day is spent on vendor row learning about new
products coming out. Jan often connects with vendors to talk research and development. Jan can
also be very direct in asking why/what is happening to the supply chain! Jan goes to bat for our
customers taking concerns directly to the vendor/manufacturer. I net work with our vendors to
secure product for our many fundraisers and Lincoln County Bike Night.

The next couple of days are spent doing what we all love, RIDING! We enjoy net working with
other dealers throughout the weekend. It was a blast to have Sparky and Trent along for the ride
this year. They too were able to connect and learn from the vendors. This and other
vendor/dealer events during the year are important for us to attend. These events help us stay
current as the industry continues to become more and more technologically advanced.

Enjoy the GoPro footage from this event, compliments of Sparky.
Peace Out, Reine