Blessings by: Reine Knobbe


Spring is a time to rejoice and be glad!  Riding season has begun in earnest with warmer days and sunshine bringing out motorcycle enthusiasts.  The calendar is filling up with various events for the riding season.  April’s highlights are the Bike Blessings.  There are three that we know of, and I’m sure there are many more in surrounding areas.  Check out our calendar for when and where.

Having our bike blessed at the beginning of the riding season is an annual event that I really enjoy.  Having our bike blessed by my Christian friends gives me comfort throughout the riding season.  Being on two wheels is a joy, but it comes with risks like any sport.  Being prepared with the right gear from the road up reduces risks.  Good tires, smooth running motor, gas in the tank, leathers on your back and the good Lord above!

Those of you who enter Chariots of Fire Customs LLC from our side door may have noticed the sign on our building above the flower bend.  It says BLESSINGS.  A reminder to all of us to be thankful for all of our blessings.  Family, friends, customers, freedom to ride and the list goes on. No matter your spiritual affiliation, a blessing is a blessing.  So be sure to check out at least one if not all three of the bike blessings this April.