Here’s to Spring and Growth. By Reine Knobbe

  How wonderful it is to finally be spring!  The warmer weather brings everyone out and about.  The rain and sun bring growth and opportunity.  We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

  One business that tends to be seasonal similar to motorcycle riding is the bridal industry.  Many weddings happen in the spring, summer, and fall.  This winter Mustard Seed Rental and Events LLC opened its doors.  Pam and Suzy saw the need for a local rental company last year.  Suzy’s daughter was married and Suzy found it challenging to find a place to rent everything she needed.  Pam just so happens to be a wedding planner at a local church and a long time friend of Suzy.  And so Mustard Seed Rental and Events was born!

  Both women want to make the process of planning a large event extra special by taking some of the pressures off those planning big events.  They enjoy being a part of whatever celebration it may be.  They don’t just rent out items for weddings, they have been involved in renting items for prom, birthdays, showers, local businesses have rented out chairs, if you have a party or meeting need, call them at 636-775-2244 for more information.  Their building, located at 451 Main Street, is a great space for meetings and parties.  Yes you can rent a room!  Pam and Suzy specialize in making each event unique to your specific tastes.  One example is a wedding where the groom wanted golf included somehow.  The girls put their heads together and came up with unique idea of golf tees in the boutonniere among other ideas.  Way to go girls involving the groom!

  Pam became a motorcycle enthusiast ten years ago when she met Chad.  They showed up at all of our dinner runs back in the day when we went out every Thursday evening for a ride and dinner.  Pam enjoys watching how different people from many walks of life enjoy the sport.  Motorcyclists have their own “spirited brotherhood”.  When someone goes down, everybody rallies around them.  Pam has also spear headed the annual Troy Ride Against Suicide.

  Please be sure to give Mustard Seed Rental and Events LLC your business.  Let’s help them grow as you have helped us grow! 

Many blessings, peace out,  Reine

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