2020 Bike Show Benefiting The Key Youth Center

Having been in business for 15 years most of you know by now that giving back to our community is important to Chariots of Fire Customs LLC.  We have been listening to Steve Werkmeister for the past three to five years talk about his wife, Shiloh, and her project creating a safe place for the homeless youth of Lincoln County.  Well they have made the dream come to fruition.  Shiloh her partners, Cheri Winchester and Kristi Gregory, have created The Key Youth Center.  This was an easy pick for this year’s fundraiser as we want The Key Youth Center to be successful moving forward.

The Key Youth Center is “community-driven, community-funded and community-managed project established to serve homeless youth in Lincoln County” which includes all four school districts.  As their brochure points out, The Key Youth Center recognizes that homeless youth face numerous issues because of their age and lack of safe housing, including:  too young to obtain rental house; without job experience or personal identification with a stable address, they struggle to gain or improve upon their employment; they have little to no access to health care, metal health services, legal support, or social services; often their education is interrupted or curtailed.  

The Key Youth Center is designed to provide safe shelter and support services for all the above mentioned areas to help youth achieve their personal goals and make a positive transition into young adulthood.  For more specifics on resident requirements, services provided and how you can contribute, please go to  As mentioned above, they are a community funded organization  and have several donation partnerships set up.  You can also call 636-295-1974 for more information.

June 6th was beautiful this year!  Social distancing was practiced since we were still in the first phase of opening up the economy following the COVID-19 shut-down.  By social distance I mean we only let a specific number of folks into the shop at a time and encouraged everyone to wash their hands often!  This year was one of our biggest years yet with close to 40 beautiful motorcycles entering the show.  James McCloud created some extra fancy Best of Show and Best Engine trophies, Catfish Willie provided music, Taormina’s provided food and drink, Pawn Bucks provided the gun we raffled off and Bikers Against Bullies provided help with registration and raffles.  We had additional vendors this year so we had them set up in the grass behind the shop.  A special thanks to all those that entered the motorcycle show.  I hope all those that attended this event had as much fun as we did!

Peace Out, Reine