2014 Ultra Classic

Owner: Don Aulbert

Upgrades: Front Wheel, Rear Fender & Bags, Custom Lighting, Chromed Out Complete Front End

Pinstriping by: Van Gogh, Florissant, MO

Paint by: Bullseye Custom & Collision, St. Peters, MO

Bike Spotlight: Don Aulbert’s 2014 Ultra Classic

Meet Don Aulbert and his remarkable 2014 Ultra Classic, a motorcycle that’s been transformed into a true work of art. Let’s take a closer look at some of the awe-inspiring modifications that make Don’s bike stand out from the crowd.

Custom Front Wheel, Rear Fender & Bags

One glance at Don’s Ultra Classic, and you’ll notice something unique: a custom front wheel that adds an extra touch of style. The rear fender and bags have also been meticulously tailored to create a harmonious visual appeal that’s hard to ignore. These modifications not only enhance the bike’s aesthetics but also demonstrate Don’s dedication to crafting a one-of-a-kind ride.

Chromed Out Complete Front End

Chrome has a special way of catching the eye, and Don has embraced this fact wholeheartedly. The entire front end of his Ultra Classic has been chromed out, creating a stunning contrast with the rich, dark hues of the bike’s body. It’s a testament to Don’s attention to detail and his commitment to making this bike shine in more ways than one.

Pinstriping by Van Gogh, Florissant, MO

Artistry knows no bounds, and Don’s Ultra Classic is a canvas on two wheels. The pinstriping work, done by the talented Van Gogh in Florissant, Missouri, adds a touch of flair and personality to this motorcycle. It’s a testament to the collaboration between passionate bikers and skilled artisans that can yield truly extraordinary results.

Paint by Bullseye Custom & Collision, St. Peters, MO

Behind every stunning motorcycle paint job is a skilled painter with an eye for detail. Bullseye Custom & Collision in St. Peters, Missouri, has left their mark on Don’s Ultra Classic with a paint job that’s nothing short of exceptional. The intricate details and flawless finish make this bike a true work of art.



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