Great Missouri Motorcycle Rides According to the Locals

by Reine Knobbe

Jan and I as well as all our employees are passionate about riding.  We work hard serving our customers during the week and look forward to riding on our days off.  I thought it might be fun to share with you a few of our favorite local rides.

Trent’s Top Ride: Portland, Missouri

Trent’s top ride is to Portland, Missouri.  Trent hops on Hwy Z in Wentzville and picks up Hwy F in New Melle (there a little jog on D to F).  Trent may or may not stop for a bite to eat in Defiance depending on the time of day.  Trent then heads southwest on Hwy 94.  When you get to Dutzow go right on Hwy 47 then pick up 94 again on the left.  Take 94 all the way to Portland.  Trent then turns around and “hauls ass” back the way he came.  I looked online and it looks like there are a few eating establishments in the area.  From Troy, Missouri it is just under 100 miles to Portland and around two hours drive time.  Hwy 94 is always a good route to travel.  I’ve never been disappointed!

Jan’s Favorite Journey: Linn, Missouri

Jan said his top ride this year is to Linn, Missouri.  Jan takes Hwy 70 to Jonesburg exit.  Go left straight through town.  When you get to the T go right and then make a left onto Hwy Y.  Hwy Y drops you off at Hwy 19.  Go left to Hermann.  Depending on the day of the week, Jan will stop by Lionheart Whiskey Co. for a cocktail and a visit with the owner (aka his son-in-law).  Lionheart is at the corner of 3rd and Schiller.  Continue south on 19.  Just past Swiss start looking for Hwy F and make a right.  Then left on Hwy W and right onto US 50 to Linn.  Dave’s Pizza & Wings is a good lunch spot.  Instead of going back the way he came.  Jan will take Hwy 50 through Union and then head north on Hwy 47 back home.  To Linn from Troy is around 90 miles and approximately two hours.  I’m looking forward to going with Jan down there this spring.  Last time I was with him we were in the truck back in February.

Reine’s Roadmap: Elephant Rock State Park

My turn!  Hmmm, so hard to choose!  My favorite local-local ride is W to Clarksville and then 79 to Hannibal.  But most of you can take that route easily.  Think I’ll take you southeast to Elephant Rock State Park!  Head south on Hwy 47 all the way to Washington.  Go right on Hwy 100 and then look for Hwy A on your left.  South on Hwy A to right on Hwy BB.  Then right onto Hwy 50.  In Beaufort take 185 south (left).  Take 185 to Springtown and pick up Hwy 21 on your right.  Hwy 21 to Elephant Rock State Park.  Home is usually quicker by taking Hwy 32 to Hwy 67 to Hwy 55.  I recommend packing a picnic lunch!  From Troy it is approximately 140 miles and just under 3 hours just to Elephant Rock State Park.  So much to do in that area.  If you have the time, I recommend camping or finding a hotel.  You can go to Johnson’s Shut-Ins or hike Taum Sauk Mountain.  Taum Sauk Mountain is the highest natural point in Missouri.  I believe there is a beautiful waterfall on the trail to the highest point.  It’s been a bit since I hiked it so you’ll have to explore that for yourself.  

Keep in mind the mileage and drive time is one way without any stops.  Build time into your day for your riding style.  All of us usually ride gas tank to gas tank and only stop for water, bathrooms and food!  Let us know if you try any of these out.  Happy riding and remember your sunscreen! 

Blessings, Peace Out Reine