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Our Community Our Family, by Reine Knobbe

Thought I’d take this opportunity to express how much our motorcycle community means to our Chariots of Fire family.  We went from a time change, full moon, Friday the 13th week the beginning of March to a full pandemic overnight!  It was with a heavy heart that we postponed our Customer Appreciation Day.  As the week of March 16th continued to unfold, it was the right decision.  The safety of our staff and customers is of utmost importance.   As of the writing of this I’m still not sure when to schedule a new customer appreciation day.  I am hoping the end of April, we shall see . . .

Yes, we remain open for business with the CDC recommendations in mind.  We are not ignoring or taking lightly this pandemic.  Nor are we panicking.  Social distancing, cleaning diligently multiple times during the day, and washing our hands are all precautions in place.  No hugs from Reine!  No hand shakes from Jan!  We ask that you also follow CDC recommendations.  Please respect our staff by staying six feet back from counters; please stay home if you have any symptoms; we can ship items directly to your home – call us for details for this option.       Staying open means that we can continue to work on your motorcycle and get you ready for the riding season.  After all, the seasons change; spring is here; the road is calling us!

The motorcycle world is by nature a social world.  Asking us to practice social distancing is difficult, but achievable.  Social distancing when you are riding is easy with only one to two riders.  It is also a mental health break which we all can use during these stressful times.  However, much of our socializing includes getting together for fundraisers and rides that stop for beverages or food.  That is on hold for now.  Let’s be smart and help “flatten the curve”!  This means difficult choices for our upcoming events.

I was just informed that the Annual Run for the Wall has been canceled.  You can go to their website for more information.  They had to make that very hard choice with such a huge event early as it involves reservations and much planning.  Having just read Lincoln County Health departments “Stay at Home Order” for March 29 – April 6 we decided that canceling April’s Lincoln County Bike Night as best practice to help flatten the curve.  We are also canceling the April Fun Run event which was scheduled for Sunday, April 26.

It seems business as usual for us.  We still get up and come in and run our business.  I am here all day with the first half of the day working from “home” for my occupational therapy school based job.  I miss my students!  We are blessed to be able to continue to have the shop open.  We pray daily that COVID-19 stays at bay.  It is affecting our family members as I am sure it is affecting yours.  I choose light and love and peace.  I am keeping fear and anxiety at bay.  Prayers for all of you and your families.  Thank you for coming in and supporting us!  Thank you for understanding decisions to hold off on some events.  This year’s Customer Appreciation Day will have extra special meaning behind it!  I already have some cool items to hand out!  I already had a cake ordered!  I can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!         Peace Out, Reine

Metzeler or Dunlop? By Amanda “Rosie” Lotter

There are many factors that come into play when choosing tires for your motorcycle. The most important include; compatibility, reliability and cost. Here at Chariots of Fire Customs, we recommend Metzeler tires to just about all of our customers and a lot of times they respond, “Why not Dunlop?”. So I am here to tell you what I have found and why I also stand behind our Metzeler recommendation.

  Which tires are compatible for your bike?  Metzeler’s ME888  focus on Harley-Davidson’s and their heavy weight. Dunlop’s D404 and D402 are not good for heavier motorcycles like Harley’s because of their lower load rating. The higher the load rating the less rolling resistance the tire will have leading to higher speed rating. Additionally, lower resistance leads to lower heat production and will make your tire last longer.  D402 and D404 are also bias-ply tires and a huge downfall of bias-ply tires is they’re not good when riding at a higher speed. This is because they have more rolling resistance which means when in higher speed, you may lose control of your bike and they are also retaining more heat, so even though your bike may be capable, the Dunlop tire is not and will limit your riding experience.

  Reliability is a very important factor in tires. Again Metzeler takes the cake over Dunlop in this department as well. The Marathon Ultra ME888 is shaped to have a larger contact patch with the road which helps with traction in all conditions. However, they are also made to give better traction in wet conditions by using silica silicone in the tire which helps reflect rain/water and creating a groove in the tread that movess water away to prevent hydroplaning.

  As I continued my research, nothing short of amazed by Metzeler’s technology, I also learned they have anywhere from 5% – 30% increased longevity verses leading brands. Being a dual compound tire it gives you the harder center which increases mileage and the softer sides which make taking corners a piece of cake.  Whereas Dunlop’s harder carcass tires are only beneficial to those who ride majority of their miles on a highway.

  Seems to be the only benefit from choosing a Dunlop over a Metzeler is lower pricing. Lucky for you Chariots of Fire Customs is offering 20% off all tires for the entire month of March and April to help all of our riders get back on the road this spring with the best quality tires at great prices.

Four Ways to Improve Your Motorcycle’s Horsepower. By: Amanda “Rosie” Lotter



    If you have been thinking about adding some horsepower to your bike there are many different routes you can take. Here are four of your best options.

  1. Exhaust/ Air Intake. After-market exhaust will reduce back pressure. This makes it easier for the engine to receive oxygen, which leads to more power at the wheels and even improves fuel economy.
  2. Cams. Cams increase the cylinder pressure as the engine’s RPM’s rise. This is done by the scavenging effect from the valve timing and overlap in the cam, which raises the cylinder pressure and increases horsepower with RPM.
  3. Increase Motors Cubic Inches. There are only two ways to increase an engine’s cubic inches. You can bore it (engine boring increases the cylinder diameters) or you can stroke it (engine stroking increases the crankshaft stroke).
  4. Dyno Tune. A proper tune will help ensure maximum performance, durability and reliability. We can also tell from the graph if your motorcycle is running properly, wasting fuel, or is not up to its full potential. In addition, the graph will also show potential problems in the drivetrain which helps us better diagnose any issues you may be having or would be having in the future.

   We understand that every rider wants complete performance from their motorcycle.  We also know that it is a top priority to ensure that any changes you make suit your bike and won’t harm anything along the way. Keep Chariots of Fire Customs, LLC in mind when it comes time for these upgrades. Custom is in our name, quality is in our product and service is our reputation. Happy and safe riding!

What’s Next?

By: Reine Knobbe

As I sit here listening to Christmas music and reflect on 2019, I can’t help but feel content and very blessed.  Prayers go out to those of you who remain restless and at odds with what is going on in your lives.  We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC are ready to take on the new year with ever more vigor and joy! There is much to look forward to in 2020 as we will be celebrating fifteen years of business; our annual fundraisers; and of course, Lincoln County Bike Nights.  Jan and our other service techs are currently working on increasing horse power and rebuilding engines to fulfill customers’ dreams of running in the front of the pack or going across the country on a reliable ride.  What are your hopes and dreams for 2020?

It is not too late to get in on this winters specials such as the S & S Power Packages or Rockford Fosgate audio upgrades.  Snowing outside?  Streets too slushy and grimy with salt or beet juice to ride?  No worries!  We have free towing during the winter months.  Please dream big!  Manifest it and it will be!  When it comes to hopes and dreams for that cross country tour come summer, we can make sure your ride is reliable and ready for the journey.  Or maybe your one of the lucky ones and are heading southwest to enjoy the winter desserts.   Leaving in January?  Stop by and see us for last minute needs such as rocket fuel as many gas stations have low octane.  I speak from past experiences!

Our hopes and dreams include new faces as we continue to expand.  Our hopes and dreams include great weather at all our fundraisers so we can help our growing community.  Our hopes and dreams include assisting you in meeting your hopes and dreams.  That’s what we are in business for.  We realize that owning and maintaining a motorcycle is often more than just transportation.  It is a way to enjoy life ride by ride.   Adventures are taken with fun and sometimes scary tales to tell!  We enjoy hearing about them all and want to keep you on the road.  So don’t wait until spring to bring your bike in for upgrades.  See us this winter so when the spring rains wash the roads clean you will be able to ride knowing your bike is well maintained and ready to take you on the next great adventure! 

Many Blessings, Peace Out,  Reine

Proven Performance by: William “Sparky” Tindall

     All bikers know when you buy a bike it doesn’t quite sound or perform as well as you wanted. The beginning of your transformation starts with changing out your air cleaner and exhaust. The following parts to change include your cam, pushrods and lifters. There are many options available for all of these parts.

   Due to a recent release by S&S Cycle, we are able to offer you the stage two and stage three upgrade kits at a discounted price. The S&S stage two kit includes a set of cams, stealth air cleaner, mufflers and all of the necessary parts to install the kit. The stage three kit includes all stage two parts plus cylinders and pistons for stage three. We also offer CNC ported and hand polished heads with stock valve configuration and upgraded larger valves.

These kits are bolt on proven power. With the kit you will get a more powerful and better sounding motorcycle. The performance gained compared to the cost of the kit is incredible. With these kits you can save anywhere from $400 to $800 compared to purchasing parts separately. We also Dyno all bikes on site with our DynoJet 250I. 

If you’ve been considering an upgrade on your ride, now is the time to get it done. Our team of experts will ensure your motorcycle is transformed into what fits your particular style of riding.

Get your babies ready! By: Amanda “Rosie” Lotter


   Nobody wants to believe it but, winter is almost here and for most of us that live in the Midwest, this means storage. Here are a few tips that will help ensure you’re bike will be on the road and not here on a lift when spring comes.

  Lube ‘em up! Any and all parts that are prone to rust and corrosion should be kept lubricated and protected.  This includes your chain, bolts, cables and switches.

  It’s time for one more oil change. Used oil has contaminants that will stick and gunk up. If your bike won’t be moving at all, you’ll need to start it once in a while to get the engine lubricated again. Just make sure you don’t keep it running for too long and contaminate that oil again.

  Fill ‘er up! Top off your gas tank. Condensation tends to form in an empty tank. Stabilizer is also recommended. Helix 5in1 will stabilize your fuel for two years.

Image result for optimate 4
  Don’t let it die. Putting your bikes battery on a tender with a trickle charge will keep it from draining. Every time your battery dies, it loses some of its lifespan. A tender is recommended because it automatically switches to float which maintains the charge without overdoing it.

  Keep ‘em round. Tires that sit it one spot for a longer period of time tend to obtain flat spots. Easiest way to avoid this is to put your bike up on stands or a lift. For those of you that don’t have stands or want to spend the money on a lift, here are a few things you can do to save those tires.
   1. Move your bike around a couple times a month to keep the tires from resting on the same spots.
   2. Add about 5PSI to each tire. They naturally lose air over time.
   3. Parking on plywood will help your tires from obtaining moisture.

I hope this helps you keep your baby safe and warm during this cold season ahead. Thanks for reading and always feel free to call us at the shop with any questions or concerns! (636)775-1385 

Do You Like It Loud? by Reine Knobbe

Of course I like it loud, as long as it is also clear. If it’s too loud, you’re too old right? Good news for you, we have discovered an excellent stereo system that has become a big hit.  Tommy knew about Rockford Fosgate stereo systems from previous work experiences and told Jan and Sparky they should try it out.  Jan is always willing to try new product.  After all, “quality is in our product” is a part of our slogan.  The testing began and now we are happy to say Chariots of Fire Customs, llc is now a registered direct Rockford Fosgate dealer!

So let me fill you in on my own experiences with stereo systems and passenger riding. I am not easily impressed by music on the motorcycle.  When I am riding, I like to meditate in quiet (except for wind noise).  Music was always annoying on the back, even on the turbo bike that Jan installed saddlebag speakers in.  Still, when driving down the highway I could not clearly hear words being sung or specific notes.  It has always been just noise to me unless stopped at a light.  Poor Jan had to drive for hours with no music (after all, if mama ain’t happy . . .).  Well, I LOVE listening to the stereo now!  I can hear every word, every note, and even notice when music bounces from one speaker to the next.  Amazing!

We have been installing these stereo systems for six-months with nothing but rave reviews.  Following are reasons to look into purchasing this system:  it is a waterproof/motorcycle grade system; with this system you are not required to replace or repaint saddlebag lids (cost savings); there is no need to replace factory head unit (unless there are problems already in place); and the bag lid speaker kit is a fraction of the cost of the boom II audio system (factory upgrade); Rockford Fosgate has a higher quality and clarity of sound.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Come on by and ask for details.

Custom is in Our Name, Quality is in Our Product, Service is Our Reputation

Peace Out, Reine

Not Your Average Taco. By Reine Knobbe

We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

September is already here and there is only one bike night left!  I thought I would highlight another one of our sponsors, El Gringo’s Tacos.  Cody has not had the opportunity to ride for many years like most of us.  He had a Honda CBR 600 that he absolutely loved to ride however, like many entrepreneurs he sold it in order to start his own business. 

Cody has an adventurous spirit and wanted to combine his passion to travel and meet new people with a business that would allow that.  Food brings people together.  In Cody’s words “it is a gateway to get to know people”.  Starting his food truck, El Gringo’s Tacos, has opened up many new contacts as well as challenges.  Cody was in business a short time when the trucks rear axle gave way sending the truck into a ditch and totaling it!  Many new entrepreneurs would give up, but not Cody.  He picked himself up and got a new truck.  It took approximately five weeks to outfit the new, bigger, better truck and El Gringo Tacos is back in business!

El Gringo’s Tacos specializes in a 100% gluten free menu.  All his food is prepared fresh daily, from the veggies to the meat which is grilled the day of events.  Cody uses authentic Mexican spices and his tacos have a traditional Mexican flare.  Cody has been so successful and had such great reviews that he is expanding.  Cody is getting another food truck and partnering with Twisted Tacos.  Twisted Tacos has been around for four or five years.  They specialize in award winning craft tacos like lobster, walking tacos, chicken and hamburger, (more American-style).  The combined businesses will be called Twisted Gringo’s Tacos with the best of both worlds! Keep an eye on Cody’s Facebook page to be the first to know when and where you can get twisted!

Food trucks are similar to the motorcycle world in two ways.  1)  Food and motorcycles bring people together and 2) trucks and motorcycles travel!  LOL.  Okay, so I might be stretching a bit, but it is true that people socialize while eating and riding.  If you want to book a food truck for an event, local or out of state, go to their Facebook page at El Gringo’s Tacos or email Cody at:  Click on the events tab on his Facebook page to find out where the food truck will be on any given day. 

Many blessings, peace out, Reine

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Got Green? By Reine Knobbe

We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

We all have green.  Some of us more than others, however I am not talking about money green.  I’m talking green space.  Some of us have big yards.  Some of us have little yards.  Some of us have acres.  Most of us can take care of our own space.  There are always those times that extra help is needed.  I now know who to refer you to.  Ronnie King of King’s Tree Service LLC.

Ronnie’s specialty is tree removal.  “Big or small, we will remove them all” is his motto.  Ronnie has 20 years of experience with tree removal and has owned his own business for three years.  Besides tree removal they also do other yard work such as retaining wall tear outs; fencing repair; emergency storm damage service also.  That’s right, King’s Tree Service LLC will come out any time day or night to remove trees blocking roads or driveways.  If you are in need of a service Ronnie can’t do, Ronnie will subcontract out a service and make it part of his bill so there is only one fee and one contractor to deal with.  Once you enter into a service agreement with King’s Tree Service LLC, no money is collected until the job is completed, including all yard clean up, to your satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Ronnie.

I went to King’s Tree Service LLC’s facebook page and read most of the reviews.  They were all glowing!  The following terms were repeated often:  knowledgeable; dependable; honest; trustworthy; professional; fantastic!  I’m not surprised after interviewing Ronnie and learning that he gives discounts to military, seniors, and first responders.  Every year he has a contest for up to $1000 towards tree care on his facebook page.  To enter you need to explain why you are in need and deserve his help.  Ronnie is typical of most big bikers I know.  Big and strong and yet really a teddy bear inside.  I say this because Ronnie understands people.  If Ronnie tells you that a tree must come down because of disease; damage; or safety reasons and that tree has sentimental value to you, he will replace that tree with another for free.  Ronnie will also give you advice, even if you do not contract him out for his services.  You can contact Ronnie on his Facebook page King’s Tree Service LLC; or 636-345-7902.

Ronnie’s big heart spills over into the motorcycle world as well.  Ronnie has been riding for ten years (took a while to be able to afford to ride).  In those ten years Ronnie has built up lasting friendships.  Not surprisingly, Ronnie’s core group is filled with others that want to help people.  In May of 2019 they created 4 H.E.L.P.  (Helping Everyone Live Peasefully) a nonprofit 501C3 entity.  Ronnie is the president.  Their purpose is to help everyone they can specifically bullying; suicide; financial aide after life’s difficulties such as a fire.  A tall order indeed for a new organization!  If you need any kind of support with life’s difficulties, contact 4 H.E.L.P.  at or they have a Facebook page also.

Please be sure to give King’s Tree Service LLC your business.  Let’s help him grow as you have helped us grow! 

Many blessings, Peace Out, Reine

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Luxurious Concepts

We here at Chariots of Fire Customs LLC enjoy seeing everyone and appreciate how you have helped us grow.  We want to spread that growth to others in our motorcycle community.  We realize that there is life outside of riding and want to highlight and bring business to our fellow riders.

Summer time, summer time!  This month’s featured business is Luxurious Concepts LLC.  Think relaxing on your patio with a lovely custom built fireplace.  Need a built in bar and grill next to it?  Bo Hawkins at Luxurious Concepts LLC can make your dream a reality!  Bo specializes in custom masonry work.  I went to his website ( and Facebook page to check out some of his work.  The photos I’m sure don’t do his work justice.  Beautiful work! 

Bo has twenty two years of masonry experience.  Being the type of man that likes to stay busy, when he was laid off of work, instead of trying to find a new job, or waiting for business to pick up where he was working, Bo decided to open his own shop.  Bo told several people that he was going out on his own.  With no prior business experience Bo was going all in on his dream to be a business owner.  After all, he said it out loud to several people and he is a man of his word!

When you call Luxurious Concepts LLC, rest assured that you are dealing with a top notch company.  Bo does not cut corners; customer service is a priority; communication is key; Bo is a man of his word; Bo’s integrity is important to him; all jobs are completed right the first time; Bo is proud to state that he has not had to go back and fix his masonry work.  Very impressive for having been in business for eight years! 

In business for eight years and riding since age two.  Bo’s father had him on the four wheeler at two; dirt bike at four; first dirt bike race at eight; started riding Harley’s around 13 or 14; crotch rockets in his twenties; back to Harley full time.  Bo enjoys hanging out up at our shop and is at many of our events.  So next time you are up here, just ask if Bo is around I’ll be sure to introduce you.  Or better yet, give Bo a call yourself and tell him I sent you 314-280-8836.

Many Blessings, Peace Out, Reine

If you want your business featured in our monthly newsletter, please contact Reine at 636-775-1385 or